About NGR

NGR.ng is a multi-author information and content creation website based in Ibadan Nigeria. We publish the latest information on loans in Nigeria, banking in Nigeria, Insurance, Wealth, Business, Financial Apps, Money Transfer, and personal finance resources.

Our Vision Statement

To Be the Most Reliable Source for Loans, Banking, Financial and Personal Finance Content Online in Nigeria.

Our Content Offering

Loans – We provide our readers digital asset that provides information on loans, credit and access in Nigeria.

Loan Apps – We provide our readers trusted digital asset apps that provides instant loans in Nigeria.

Banking – We publish latest news about new technologies around the banking system in Nigeria.

Banking Apps – We publish step by step guide articles on how to go around the banking apps in Nigeria.

Money Transfer – We provide our readers latest information and practical steps on how transfer money easily.

Money Transfer Apps – We publish step by step guide articles on how to transfer money from one point to another using money transfer apps.

Personal FinanceWe provide our readers with practical tips and advice on how to handle their finances. In this way, we encourage the sharing of financial stories from personal experience to ensure that our readers are able to gather as diverse an array of opinion as they can.

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NGR.ng is owned by D2 Hub Digital Solutions and is based in Oyo State, Ibadan Nigeria. NGR.ng was founded in 2022 by Chibueze Damian

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